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On this website all information and training is free.  I have done this specifically to help those thinking about starting a food business and need help getting their head around the New Zealand Food Law.   Other training is for charitable organisations, fund-raisers doing sausage sizzles, cake stalls and the like.  The third group are those others that do not require registration such as one-off events, home stays, motels clubs etc. plus as an educational resource for anyone and everyone.

Just click the image or text for the course you want to do and your ‘off to the races’!

If there is any food safety areas that you think would be useful for me to add please let me know.   Thanks … Bob

Note there are no competency certificates provided with free training.  If you want certificated courses than these are available from as low as $5.00 on my other websites:

A Risk Based Approach

The old food rules focussed on having appropriate clean premises which were then registered. Rules for preparing storing and serving food were limited and prescriptive and were a 'one size fits all'
Take this course and you will understand the new approach which is based on internationally recognised risk-based system.

Safe and Suitable Food

A fundamental purpose of the Food Act 2014 is to achieve the safety and suitability of food for sale .
Most people have an idea what safe food is..but do you know what suitable food is?
Take this course and find out.

Plans & Templates,
Programmes & Guidelines

People starting out can get confused about the new rules and terminology used.
This course based on MPI video is really excellent and will make things a lot clearer.

Diaries for Recording Problems

Starting a New Food Business

Starting a new food business is exciting.
MPI have listed 4 steps for starting your business and making food in a safe and suitable way.
This short video goes through the 4 key steps you will need to follow.

The Food Advisor Hub

Check out MPI's updated Food Adviser Hub web page.
This is the place to go to get advice or support for those wanting to start, grow, change or manage a new food business.


Food safety is critical for a successful food business. Verification is an independent check to ensure that you know how to make safe and suitable food and that you are following your plan.
This video explains what a verifier is and how they help your business make safe and suitable food.

Clean, Cook, Separate, Chill

This has been around for many years and is sometimes seen as clean, cook, cover, chill or just clean, cook, chill.
Collectively these are the most important (critical) food safety issues everyone should be aware to ensure you can serve safe food.

Running a Cake Stall

This is a Kiwi institution. You would think that cakes (including biscuits) would have little risk. Well its true that as dry products they don't grow bugs but what about allergens, knowing about labels and unintended ingredients (eg Aunt Aggies false eyelash!) .

Sausage Sizzles

Another Kiwi favourite - I have been involved with them myself!.
Sausage sizzles pose different food safety problems to cake stalls. Making sure the sausages are properly cooked and not contaminated prior to sale is the key message.

Staying Safe - COVID-19

As a senior male (69 years old) with vulnerabilities I really feel I need to share what I and my family are doing to stay safe from COVID-19.
I have developed this free certificated course in the hope that even if it saves one life it will have been worth the effort I have out into it.
Note: I am really counting on it saving my life!

Hand Hygiene - COVID-19 Version

Singularly the most important thing for all of us.
DIrty hands are the number 1 way to spread germs and diseases.
If you do nothing else I really urge you to take this free course.
Whilst it is has been provided for all of us it is particularly important for food handlers (both at home and at work).

NZ Government Information

How fortunate we are to live in New Zealand with its great climate, abundance of food and clean water and free access to a world-class health care system.
Kiwis are renown the world over for being innovative and caring and selfless.
We are also blessed at this time to have a government that is showing the world how we can successfully manage this disease.
Read the Government information - Know it -Do it!